Dellaconte product lines follow classic, fine, sophisticated and elegant. In this sense, the structure of the collections is divided into three categories of leather manufacturing.

Hours and hours of work are required to make all Dellaconte products.

Each piece is created in our workshop using exceptional natural skins and the highest quality materials.

Much of the construction elements are made only manually and require a great deal of precision.


Concetto Classico,

draws inspiration from classical simplicity, fine and exceptional skins combined with sleek and refined accessories. Handicraft items are found in sleek lines in every shape and element.

Attention is placed on aesthetics, color, manufacturing and quality. Each stage of processing takes into account the sophistication of the future property.


Selezione Nobile,

brings added innovation, attention, and manufacturing as it presents products that require particular attention.

Exotic leathers involve additional costs and adherence to rigid cutting criteria.

With each stage, a special skin outlines an exceptional product.

"Trapped" or "quilted" creations means a craftmanship that demands a surplus of experience and attention.

Here, each line is drawn and is hand-finished. Such processing is classical and highly sophisticated.


Lusso Intrecciato

is the most exclusive and highest Dellaconte product line. Every product in this category requires a special manufacture, an exquisite experience

and a processing and assembly time of up to 15 hours.

 Each creation contains hundreds of exceptional quality leather suits, which are processed one at a time and then hand-woven.

The operations involved in forming these products are pure, coveted and recognized, desired and appreciated craftsmanship that transcends trends and embody nobility.

Such manufacturing is a prestige and experience that can only be supported by a few well-known brands and some international craftsmen.