Your satisfaction is the priority of DELLACONTE. All the materials used in the production process come from Europe's best suppliers and have undergone pre-sales test processes. The craftsmanship is at the highest level and the skin used to make the products is natural. 
Product warranty The
warranty is the quality assurance offered by DELLACONTE.COM and applies to any customer. 
Guarantee: will mean any action by the seller or producer to the consumer, made without additional charge, to repay any payment or to replace, repair or handle the goods of the consumer in any manner if they do not meet the specifications set out in the guarantee statement.
Repairs: In the case of lack of conformity, it will mean bringing the consumer's goods in accordance with the sales contract.

period Warranty  period is the time limit from the date of purchase of the product to which the manufacturer assumes responsibility for remedying or replacing the purchased product at his own expense if the deficiencies are not attributable to the consumer. 
We offer an initial warranty of 30 days from the date of purchase for any defects you may find during this period of time. 
Warranty conditions 
We guarantee that the purchased product is a safe, new (unused) product, genuine (the product shows legally registered trademarks) and free of any defects.
Subject to the maintenance instructions, the product displays the normal quality and performance parameters (to which the consumer can reasonably expect), given the nature and purpose for which the product was made during the average use. The average usage time is about 6 calendar months. You have to take into account the fact that, with time and wearing, all products will give signs of wear, and this is not a defect. 
Important: The  guarantee applies only if the buyer proves the purchase of the product - it is mandatory to present the tax invoice.
Consumer goods are considered to be in accordance with the contract if: they correspond to the description made and have the same qualities as the model presented if they correspond to the specific purpose requested by the consumer and accepted by the consumer at the conclusion of the sale-purchase contract; correspond to the purposes for which products of the same type are normally used; if it resolves normal quality and performance parameters that the consumer can reasonably expect due to the nature of the product and the public statements regarding its specific characteristics made by the seller, the manufacturer or his representative, in particular by advertising or by registration on the product label.

No lack of conformity shall be deemed to be the case if, at the time of conclusion of the sale contract, the consumer has reasonably been unaware of this lack of conformity or if the lack of conformity originates in the materials provided by the consumer. 
The contract can not be revoked if the lack of compliance is minor.

Goods are deemed to be defective / unsuitable if damaged, or manufacturing defects occur within six months of delivery of the product, unless the presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the lack of conformity. Please note that articles that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be inconsistent. 
During the warranty period, the CLIENT enjoys the following rights: the 
        right to have the products brought under the free, repaired or replaced products, according to the client's written choice, unless this requirement is impossible or disproportionate;
        the right to replace or repair the product if the situation so requires, under the conditions provided by law; 
        the right to be fully, accurately and precisely informed about the essential characteristics of the goods and services, so that the decision taken in this regard best fits the needs of the CLIENT; In this regard, before any order, customers may request additional information by contacting the CUSTOMER SERVICE department. 
rights enjoyed by customers in warranty period will be implemented only if the customer informs dellaconte.COM in writing by e-mail about observing the lack of conformity / deficiencies within a period of two months from the date of their observation; 
Ways of securing the guarantee: The guarantee will be provided in no more than 15 calendar days from the date of referral. 
Repairs Product 
Replacement - if it can not be repaired 
Product return, if repair or replacement is not possible. 
In case of lack of conformity, the consumer will be entitled to bring the goods free of charge, without repair or replacement fees, or receive an appropriate price reduction, or to cancel the contract in respect of those goods.
The seller will be liable to the consumer for any nonconformity that existed at the time the goods were delivered. In order to benefit from its rights, the consumer must inform the seller of the nonconformity within two months of the date when he noticed that nonconformity. 
First of all, the consumer may require the seller to repair the goods, or the seller to replace them, in both cases free of charge, if such a request is not impossible or disproportionate. 
A remedy shall be deemed disproportionate if it imposes costs on the seller which are unreasonable in comparison with the other remedy, taking into account: 
- what value the goods would have if there was no lack of conformity,
- the importance of lack of compliance; 
- if the other remedy could be achieved without significant inconvenience to the consumer. 
A remedy will be considered as impossible if the seller can not provide identical replacement products, including as a result of lack of related technology or specific materials.
Any repair or replacement of the products shall be made within a reasonable period of time agreed between the seller and the consumer in writing without any significant inconvenience to the consumer taking into account the nature of the products and the purpose for which they are has requested the products. The set period of time may not exceed 15 calendar days from the date the buyer notifies the seller of the product's lack of conformity. 
 The notion of "unpaid" refers to all the costs necessary to bring the products into conformity, including postage, transportation, handling, diagnosis, expertise, disassembly, assembly, workmanship, materials used and packaging.

Conditions under which the warranty becomes null and void
For the exercise of the rights conferred by the Commercial Guarantee, the CLIENT is obliged to accompany any complaint or repair request with the Warranty Certificate delivered with the product and the invoice. 
Causes leading to the loss of the guarantee The 
CLIENT may lose the warranty provided by the warranty certificate if he / she is responsible for committing actions / nonactions, as follows:

obsolescence and physical wear normal product 
discoloration of the product or of parts following prolonged exposure to harsh environmental factors (sun or another strong source of heat, humidity, rain, snow, etc.) 
damage to the product as a result of calamities (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning etc.), accidents, 
defective arson or theft caused by transport, handling and storage in improper conditions (excessive temperature and humidity, thermal shocks - hot / cold variations, ) 
defects caused by improper, misuse, improper use, alteration of the product and / or improper conditions other than those for which it has been tested and designed - excessive bagging leads to damage
intervention, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons, including painting product 
damage caused by the product, voluntarily or involuntarily, mechanical shock (breaking, hanging, impact, scratches, etc.), pets, rodents and other pests 
badly maintained (clean using inappropriate methods or products) 
in case the SELLER is not informed about the lack of conformity of the products purchased within 2 months from the date of its finding. 
in case of loss of the guarantee and / or the invoice

They are not considered to be manufacturing defects and are therefore not subject to warranty:
peculiarities of natural hides: ribbing, small color differences, characteristic marks and irregularities - that is exactly what shows the authenticity and quality of the leathers from which the products are made. 
the skin is treated with plant tannin, and it can migrate and lightly stain the coat with which it comes in contact. This happens on first weights until the product acquires a single patina, and is not considered defective; the stains on the clothes come out with a simple wash, but we recommend that you read the instructions in the "Maintenance Guide". 
small irregularities and imperfections of products or parts of manually manufactured products.
leather that has been waxed and polished by hand: in this case, the skin continues to "naturally wear out" - the skin abrasions on the surface of the skins are an intentional effect that takes place only after wearing, and that is precisely what brings individuality to the products.