Each product requires special care depending on the type of skin.

With new products, the skin still has its natural protective abilities and needs to be polished only occasionally in the first months of use.

Depending on the season, the bag needs special protection from rain or intense sunlight.


For Cavallino (fur) products - Maintain regular hair brushing in the direction of hair growth.

This can prevent the hair from breaking due to constant friction with clothing.


Particular care should be taken when wearing a light purse with dark blue jeans.

The color of the denim can be transferred to the poster's skin, thus damaging the product.

Also, you pay special attention to pens and pens - the spots created by them will damage your purse.

Fat stains or oil stains can be treated with flour or sodium bicarbonate. Applied as soon as possible to the affected area, they can absorb the stain.


  Avoid overloading the bags.

Dellaconte bags and bags are designed as fashion accessories and, with the exception of those properly marked, can not be used as travel luggage

(provided they are not specifically intended for travel). The maximum permissible weight is between a maximum of 1.5 kg for a small bag and 10 kg for a travel bag.

  Keep the product away from objects that can cause scratches, burns, perforations, or any physical damage likely to damage it.

    After each use, the purse / wallet is cleaned on the outside with a soft, slightly moistened cloth, drying it at room temperature,

and store in a well-ventilated place away from moisture. Storage in individual bags in places protected from light will limit the oxidation of materials (leather and metal accessories).

    Avoid storing near sources of heat, pressure, or exposure to sunlight, which may cause the product to discolour.

 It is forbidden to wash leather items in the washing machine irrespective of the type of washing machine or its optional programs.

 If the product has been watered under normal conditions (rain, snow), wipe it with a soft, dry cloth and let it dry at room temperature. (do not dry it near heat sources)

   For metallic accessory surfaces, frequent cleaning with a dry cloth is recommended to prevent oxidation.

If not used for a while, the bags will be stored in original bags, away from sun, dust or heat sources.

Do not store the bags in cramped spaces with other objects above them; a heavy weight that will hold a long time on the surface of a leather will wear it,

even if it is stored and is not worn.


Do not use spray or acetone, acid, oils, benzene, insecticide, etc. on or near leather products.