Fine, Line Balance, Manufacturing Art, Sophistication of Form, Attention to Processing Details, Knowledge and Passion for Tradition and Innovation

represent the basic elements that outline Dellaconte Excellence.

We align classical elegance with contemporary aesthetics, while supporting, as the basis, an incredibly demanding quality, shape and structure.

The Master of Manufacturing is immediately felt and recognized.

Hours and hours of work are needed to make Dellaconte products.

Each piece is created in our workshop using exceptional natural skins and the highest quality materials.

Much of the construction elements are made only manually and require a great deal of precision.

This type of work requires exceptional skill that is obtained after many years of practice and years of apprenticeship.

Combining unparalleled techniques of excellence and craftsmanship in the art of leather manufacture, items often kept secret,

Dellaconte perpetuates the taste for refinement and quality.

Meticulous and attentive at every step, the Dellaconte artisans, are building accessories of great beauty, timelessness and elegance.